February 4, 2009 in Letters

Commitment for students

The Spokesman-Review

In voting yes for the upcoming Spokane Public Schools bond and levy measures, voters will be strengthening their commitment to the continued growth of more than 30,000 public school students. Both the bond and levy will support Spokane’s pledge to ensure our students have not only well-rounded educational experiences, but safe places to learn and prosper well into the future.

Building improvements and replacements and school safety and security will be continually updated with bond funding. Essential and evolving learning opportunities in music, art, electives, library, special education and extra-curricular programs are just some of the aspects the renewal levy will support.

Voting yes twice is not limited to whether or not money should be spent, but how we can continue to encourage an excellence standard that our students deserve and a commitment to their well-being and dreams for the future. By voting to renew the current bond and levy, we are saying yes to the students of our community, the future of our community.

Stephanie Splater


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