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Wishbone’s salad toppers meet with approval

Wishbone first introduced spritz bottles of dressing. Now, it has a new line of salad toppers that would never work as a spray.

Bountifuls dressings are packed with chunks of vegetables and herbs, but little fat – “so bountiful, there is no room for fat,” it says on the bottles. Each dressing has 35 calories or fewer and less than 1 gram of fat per serving.

The Spokesman-Review reader food panel members liked the dressings, giving both the Tuscan Romano Basil and Hearty Italian flavors three stars out of five for flavor and value.

“A little sweet and a hint of basil. A good salad topper or maybe pasta? I’d buy it,” Vicki Deschaine said of the Tuscan Romano Basil dressing.

Creators describe the dressing as a Mediterranean vinaigrette that includes chunks of tomatoes, aged Romano cheese and basil.

Skip Hubbard liked it, too: “A bit more garlic and this would be perfect. All in all a pretty fair dressing.”

Other tasters thought the vinegar was overpowering. And although the dressings are low in fat, some commented that they seemed too oily.

“A little too ‘busy’ for salad dressing,” Larry Inman said. “Good, laden with seasonings. Tastes oily even though it has very little.”

Lindi Messenger said the dressing had an off-putting, “odd aftertaste.” She added: “Vinegary, but sweet (and) salty, too. You can really taste the Romano.”

The Hearty Italian flavor received mixed reviews as well. Wishbone says the vinaigrette includes chunks of tomatoes, sweet onions, peppers and carrots.

“Tastes like jarred garlic to me,” Marcia Oranen said. “I don’t love this one. Very chunky with ingredients, but it all tastes the same. Very vinegary. Redeeming value: No fat!”

Food panel members tasted the dressing on a small mixed greens salad and with some cut vegetables.

Marilyn Moore gave one of her few five-star ratings to the dressing. “I liked the first bite on the vegetables,” she said.

Gabe Kohler agreed that it tasted good. “Yum. This dressing is very interesting and is sure to kick up salads,” he said.

Others said the flavor of the dressing was buried by vinegar, garlic, bell peppers or salt.

“Whatever flavor this may have is overpowered by the vat of salt that is in it,” Tina Johnson said.

Bountifuls also come in Berry Delight and Simply Santa Fe flavors. They are sold with other shelf-stable salad dressings.

Wishbone Bountifuls Dressing, Tuscan Romano Basil

Price: $2.39 for 9.5 fluid ounces

Nutrition per 2-tablespoon serving: 25 calories, 0.5 grams fat (no saturated fat, 18 percent fat calories), no protein, 4 grams carbohydrate, no cholesterol, no dietary fiber, 340 milligrams sodium.

Taste: •••

Value: •••


“Very light Italian flavor. This dressing has a ‘diet’ aftertaste.” – Peggy Kazanis

“The fresh herbs taste very nice in this subtle salad dressing.” – Gabe Kohler

“Vinegar is the overpowering flavor in this, but maybe if you can spread it out over the salad it would be good. Don’t eat it with a spoon like I tried. The cheese is a nice touch.” – Tina Johnson

Wishbone Bountifuls Dressing, Hearty Italian

Price: $2.39 for 9.5 fluid ounces

Nutrition per 2 tablespoon serving: 15 calories, no fat, no protein, 4 grams carbohydrate, no cholesterol, no dietary fiber, 310 milligrams sodium.

Taste: •••

Value: •••


“Tangy. Almost looks like salsa. Maybe better on pasta than salad.” – Nancy Robinson

“Very complex, not too sweet. This is a good way to add color, too … plus it’s fat-free.” – Andy Hoye

“Overwhelmingly salty and vinegary. Lots of flavor considering it’s fat-free. Nice chunks of veggies (and it’s) priced right.” – Lindi Messenger

Products sampled by The Spokesman-Review’s reader food panel are prepared according to package directions. Panelists are not aware of a product’s brand name or price until after they have tasted it. Products are rated from one to five stars for taste and for value, based on quality compared to price.

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