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Fri., Feb. 20, 2009

Editorial reflects arrogance

As a Spokane resident for almost 35 years, I’m no longer surprised by the arrogance and ignorance of The Spokesman-Review. Of course, The Spokesman would take editorial space to mock the work of 24 groups and representatives from neighborhoods that have worked on the development of city charter amendments as part of Envision Spokane (“Magic wand approach,” Feb. 17).

Of course, a small cabal of business and development interests actually does run Spokane. But why would The Spokesman-Review acknowledge that cabal, which they are an integral part of? As one City Council member commented at a recent town hall meeting: “You know the City Council vote before they vote, depending on which interest selected them to office.”

The Community Bill of Rights is a challenge by the residents of the city of Spokane to that small number of families and special interests that actually run the city. And, of course, The Spokesman didn’t mention that the amendments are in draft form and are being revised over the next two months, with the participation of residents from across the city via the town hall meetings. And, to no one’s surprise, the few (the editorial board) presume to speak for the many (the actual citizens of Spokane).

Brad Read

President of the board, Envision Spokane


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