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Envision Spokane on right path

Thank you to all the people who support the group Envision Spokane (“Group aims to alter charter,” Feb. 15).

Kai Huschke is exactly correct when he speaks about empowering citizens to stop pollution in the Spokane River, providing a living wage and making preventive health care available to everyone.

Envision Spokane’s idea of starting a neighborhood grass-roots democracy movement is exactly the recommendation put forth by Naomi Wolf in her April 2008 “Get Lit” talk. She spoke of common people defending their rights and liberties and rising up as a way of moving from a closed society to an open society.

I believe we have the responsibility to protect our waterways, aquifers and other natural resources not only for our quality of life now but for future generations. There is nothing “New Age-y” or “lofty” about clean water. Envision Spokane’s initiatives can benefit all: rich, poor and middle class, and they should be taken seriously by the City Council. I hope the City Council will align itself with the needs of all Spokane’s citizens and will work with grass-roots organizations to improve the quality of life in Spokane.

John F. Robinson

Hayden, Idaho