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The Slice: Objects in mirror more eco-friendly than they may appear

Mon., Feb. 23, 2009, midnight

Marty and Kathy Wilcox own a hybrid vehicle.

But recently they heard that they don’t seem like the type.

So now they’re wondering what hybrid drivers are supposed to look like.

Early warning system: There’s one of those adjustable “Fire Danger” signs in a park near where Tina Wynecoop lives. And even though the sign itself is still surrounded by snow, its arrow points to the highest-danger spot beyond “Extreme.”

Read all about it: “I would have to say the Ritzville Library is one of the most appealing,” wrote Thomas Pulliam. “I am sort of biased, though. I am a trustee on its board.”

Then there was this from Randy Ammon, of Hayden.

“My list of the Inland Northwest’s most appealing libraries is a Kootenai County sweep,” he wrote. “The Bronze Medal goes to the recently remodeled Hayden Public Library. The charming Post Falls Public Library takes the Silver. And the Gold Medal winner is the outstanding Coeur d’Alene Public Library.”

Ammon had one more thing to say.

“Nobody asked, but my Lifetime Achievement Award for Most Appealing Library Director goes to CDA Public’s Bette Ammon (to whom, not so coincidentally, I’ve been married for 20 years).”

Chris Bishop, in Blanchard, Idaho, also weighed in. “I worked for 20 years for Spokane County Library District as the graphic artist and there is one library that I absolutely love: Deer Park Library. When it first opened, I walked in and declared, ‘I could live here!’ ”

Re: washing your car during street-grime season: Several readers made a decent case that doing so actually does make sense.

“I had my car washed recently for fear that I would accidentally brush up against it and have to throw my clothes away,” wrote Gardner Bailey.

Another reader, a nurse, said that if her work uniform came in even the slightest contact with the exterior of her vehicle these days she instantly would be too filthy to report for duty.

And Tom Boden and others noted that getting street gunk and de-icing chemicals off your car just makes sense from the standpoint of protecting your vehicle.

Affix label here: A reader wondered if it is appropriate to refer to a Democratic voter who lives in Republic as a Republican.

Today’s Slice question: Ever have the impulse to raid a co-worker’s not-so-secret snacks stash and then remember that the person in question got laid off?

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