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Socialism not the answer

Regarding The Spokesman-Review’s article Feb. 15 about Envision Spokane, I have read through their Web site and am alerted by the blatant socialism. On the top it all sounds good, “You have a Right to Everything,” but to be blunt, you don’t.

The most disturbing part is their Article 6; in part, “The City of Spokane shall provide sufficient funding for these purposes.” Where does Envision Spokane think the city gets its money? This should be a red flag to property owners, and this is one item where I agree with Council President Joe Shogan on his statements in the Review article. Envision Spokane will damage Spokane’s economy further through higher taxes and driving business out of Spokane.

I believe the people of Spokane don’t need or want socialism forced on them through overt changes in the city charter. What we need is to locally promote a free market system that in turn opens up job opportunities. Yes, go back to minimal government and lower taxes. This will bring to Spokane a healthy economy and job creation, so that people have an opportunity to promote themselves to be self sufficient and prosperous in Spokane.

Daniel Day