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HUD outlines regional stimulus projects

Thu., Feb. 26, 2009, 6:01 p.m.

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development estimates it will spend about $168.5 million in Washington and nearly $23.5 million in Idaho as part of the economic stimulus package. Here’s a breakdown of money from the different programs going to the states, and where available, amounts for local operations.

Public Housing Capital Fund Program $40,250,758 to Washington state’s 29 housing authorities, including $235,000 to the Spokane Housing Authority, $325,400 to the Asotin County Housing Authority; and $1.5 million to Idaho housing authorities, although none designated for North Idaho. Money will be used for energy-efficient modernization and to make large-scale improvements to public housing developments, including critical safety repairs.

Native American Housing Block Grant $14,863,303 to tribal organizations in Washington, including $1.7 million to the Colvilles, $537,500 to the Spokanes and $59,000 to the Kalispels; and $1.6 million to tribes in Idaho, including nearly $509,000 to the Nez Perce, $481,500 to the Coeur d’Alenes and $38,500 to the Kootenais. Tribes will use the money for energy efficient modernization of and renovation of housing maintained by their housing programs.

Lead Hazard Reduction $3 million to Washington state and $2.85 million to the City of Spokane. Money will be used to reduce hazards of lead-based paint, promote local efforts to eliminate dangerous lead from lower income homes and stimulate private sector investment in lead hazard control.

Tax Credit Assistance Program $43 million in Washington, $8.7 million in Idaho. The grants will help state agencies restart the production of stalled affordable rental housing projects that rely on Low-Income Housing Tax Credits.

Project-Based Rental Assistance $2 billion nationally; $22,494,740 in Washington, $3.25 million in Idaho. The money is designed to help owners make improvements to affordable housing.

Community Development Block Grant Program $16,307,031 in Washington, including more than $1 million for the City of Spokane and $406,000 to Spokane County; $3.25 million in Idaho, including $82,719 in Coeur d’Alene and $71,950 in Lewiston. The money goes to local governments to rehabilitate affordable housing and improve key public facilities.

Emergency Shelter Grant Program/Homelessness Prevention $24,948,653 in Washington, including about $1.6 million to the City of Spokane and $$622,000 to Spokane County, and about $4.4 million to Idaho state government. The money is designed to find housing for homeless people and families who enter shelters.

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