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Interior: More money for windmills, solar panels

Available details of President Barack Obama’s proposed government spending for the 2010 budget year that begins on Oct. 1. A more extensive budget outline is expected in April. In most cases, the figures are for discretionary spending and do not include mandatory entitlement programs like Social Security. The percentage change is based on what Obama wants to spend next year compared with what he anticipates the government will spend in 2009 once Congress completes appropriations for this year.

Agency: Interior

2010 proposal: $12 billion

Change from 2009 estimate: 6.2 percent increase

Highlights: The nation’s public lands would produce cleaner energy and brace for global warming’s effects on their plants and wildlife under Obama’s budget.

The Interior Department plan would invest millions to spur construction of windmills, solar panels and other green-energy projects. It called for increased taxes and fees on oil and gas companies harvesting fossil fuels in the Gulf of Mexico and on other public property.

It would add more than $130 million to help land and wildlife managers monitor and prepare for global warming’s toll. And the budget would set up a dedicated fund to address catastrophic wildfires, so agencies don’t have to divert money budgeted for other purposes.

Communities would likely see more parks under Obama’s budget. It would provide millions to purchase more land and forests and to establish programs that encourage young people to hunt, fish and get outdoors.

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