February 26, 2009 in Letters

Ormsby an excellent choice

The Spokesman-Review

Our University High School debate team was competing in a regional tournament in Portland when news came that one of “our parents” had been nominated for the U.S. attorney position for Eastern Washington. Quickly getting online to read the Spokesman’s article, I was dismayed by Tim Connor’s negative remarks.

Sadly, I must often remind students that just as some debaters confuse the controversy with the person, some adults do likewise. As a former attorney myself, I have a personal adage: “The best and worst people I’ve ever known were/are lawyers.”

Having had the pleasure of knowing Mike Ormsby as an attorney and as an “involved parent” of four outstanding kids, I can attest that he proves my adage. In terms of his commitment, intelligence and honor, he is one of the “best persons.” Mike Ormsby will serve our district well as U.S. attorney.

David Smith


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