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Bush abandoned reality

Mr. Ornellas (Letters, Jan. 18), the so-called “democracy” that may result in Iraq will be nothing like the democracy that you and I love. It will be autocratic with continued violence. History will determine if that is truly a victory – not the self-defined history of Mr. Bush and others who avoid reality. That shallow “victory” is surely not worth the hundreds of thousands of deaths in Iraq.

Don’t buy Bush’s lie; it is not a victory “over terrorism.” No united Islamic fundamentalist terrorists existed in Iraq prior to our invasion. By toppling Saddam Hussein, we created the vacuum that allowed the influx of professional terrorists into Iraq. We created the terrorist state that we now fight in Iraq.

History already shows that Iraq had absolutely no part in the attacks of 9-11. Please do not get so lost in the biased stuff that you read as to equate the war in Iraq with the War against Terrorism that we continue to fight (and are nowhere near winning) in Afghanistan/Pakistan.

(Columnist Leonard) Pitts is right on; history will show Bush to have been an awful president. I am simply disgusted by your comparing Bush to Lincoln. I don’t see how anyone can be that self-deluded.

D’Wayne Hodgin

Moscow, Idaho


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