January 28, 2009 in Letters

Trickle-down bill is due

The Spokesman-Review

In the last few days, Republicans in Congress have been saying that we cannot borrow and spend our way out of our current economic mess. Yet under President Bush they borrowed and spent trillions of dollars for war, pork barrel spending and tax cuts for big business. All under the guise of their cherished President Reagan’s economic theory of trickle-down economics.

Put another way, this theory means that the big corporations favored by Republicans got to sit at the table to eat and drink as much as they wanted. The workers and ma and pa businesses got to fight for the crumbs on the floor. Now there are no more crumbs on the floor and we have to pay for the party.

We have been told by economists from all political persuasions that it is going to take a long time to pay for the dinner party. So remember the next time the Republicans want to invite you to a dinner party, just say “no.”

Lawrence Schuchart


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