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Fri., Jan. 30, 2009

Magnuson will be missed

Every long-term resident of the Inland Northwest should pause for a few moments of reflection in respect for the enormous contributions of Harry F. Magnuson, a regional leader who will surely be missed.

A few items, among many too numerous to mention, stand out:

•Harry’s longtime determination to battle the transportation “gurus” and prevent them from ruining the town of Wallace with the original placement of Interstate 90.

•His boundless optimism and commitment in efforts to preserve the Silver Valley, including his key role in the development of Silver Mountain, the gondola, etc.

•Harry was one of the leaders of the charge to preserve another priceless gem of Idaho history, the Cataldo Mission. We would not have the mission we have today without Harry’s hard work.

•Harry’s devotion to area institutions, ranging from Gonzaga University to the University of Idaho, was a constant throughout his entire career.

Many folks in their 40s and 50s do not have the energy, enthusiasm and exuberance that Harry had right up until his last illness.

He is a gem of this region who will truly be missed.

Ford Elsaesser


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