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Fri., Jan. 30, 2009

Watch for pollution tax’s return

Obama has signed an executive order that will ultimately allow California auto emission standards to be implemented. This also will include the state of Washington.

A letter recently mentioned SB 6900 that would have imposed a (Washington state) pollution tax on vehicles. Public opposition killed it last year. Recent contacts to Olympia assured me this would not be revisited this session.

In this budget crisis, be prepared for this to be proposed again in the next 30 to 60 days. Business in particular should be concerned. As previously proposed, this fee would add $200 to $600 per vehicle per year to your work fleet in addition to the current license fee. Private vehicles will suffer similarly. Controlling pollution will be their claim. In fact it is to raise vehicle licenses back to pre-2000 levels. This will cost taxpayers between a quarter and one-half billion dollars per year.

Call your representatives. It does work.

Roger Dudley


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