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Sat., Jan. 31, 2009, midnight

Avista gobbling greenbacks

Avista says profits double in 2008 (Spokesman-Review, Nov. 5, 2008), and they want more! This company eats greenbacks.

Avista has been upgrading its infrastructure and relicensing their dams for the past six years. These dams should now be relicensed for the next century. How much does the water cost that passes through these dams? The natural gas used to generate power, heat our homes and hot water should be very inexpensive. Natural gas, on the NYSE for the past year, has been $4.40 to $5.78 per 1000 cubic feet. In this economic downturn, building materials are much less than they were a year ago.

Due to Avista’s constant rate increases, its customers should initiate a referendum to turn this company into a public utility district. Avista should take note, this could be their future.

Avista customers, to protest this latest rate increase, call the Washington Utilities and Transportation Commission, (800-562-6150), and the Washington state attorney general (800-541-8898).

Davis R. Edmonds


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