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Big flaw in Obama plan

Almost all the adjectives in the dictionary have been used to describe the incoming president. Now that the “Messiah” is in the White House, will his money injection plans work?

First the money is projected to be used for roads, schools and alternative fuels. What is wrong with this plan? When you complete a road, bridge or school building, what do you have? You have a structure.

Now what will that structure produce? In my view nothing. This is a major flaw in the Obama plan. The roads, schools and alternative energy are short-term as far as jobs go. The money should be provided to private enterprises and used to construct production facilities like nuclear power plants and refinery capacity; those come to mind. These types of facilities create ongoing jobs and also create secondary jobs like maintenance and repair, service-industry jobs, etc.

After the production plants are created, then there will be tax money to construct roads, bridges and schools. Just a review of economics 101. But Obama will not allow private enterprise to take over. Obama and his administration are big-government people.

Arnold O. Bos