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Students will benefit from your ‘yes’ vote on levies

It is again time to show our support for the young people in our community by voting to approve the Replacement M&O and Technology Levies for West Valley Schools.

Unfortunately, the state of Washington provides only 80 percent of the necessary funds to operate our schools, so it is up to the voters in each district to provide the rest. Without these funds, the enrichment programs currently offered to our students would disappear. These are the very programs that enhance student learning and provide opportunities for our kids to pursue their interests in music, art, drama, athletics, photography, vocational education and college prep classes.

As a former teacher and director of activities at West Valley High School, I have seen how important such programs are in promoting enthusiasm and keeping students engaged. The M&O Levy also provides funds for building maintenance and transportation, essential services for our kids.

The Replacement Technology Capital Projects Levy is necessary to keep West Valley students current with the latest in technology innovations, absolutely essential for their success in this new age of information.

These levies are not new taxes, nor are they an increase in your taxes. In fact, the projected property tax rate for these replacement levies is less than the current levels.

Please vote yes, and mail in your ballot by Feb. 3. Our kids are counting on us.

Catherine Wolfrum

Spokane Valley


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