January 31, 2009 in Letters

No end to Bush bashing

The Spokesman-Review

Eight years of nonstop Bush bashing by the left, including columnist Leonard Pitts Jr., has prepared Rush Limbaugh for the answers to the starry-eyed, lemming-like devotion of so many of President Obama’s devoted followers, including virtually all the major media stars.

It is that we support the president but not his policies, which is what Rush has said. You may recall the desire the left had that we lose the war in Iraq so that Bush would get a black eye? “We support the troops, just not the war.”

So much for wanting our president to succeed because the country’s goals would suffer if he didn’t. That only applies to President Obama, not to Bush I suppose.

Mr. Pitts calls Rush and his supporters clowns. The only clowns I see in this picture are Leonard Pitts Jr. and his fawning three-ring circus cheerleading, see-no-evil jokers known as the drive-by media.

Jim Paget


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