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SATURDAY, JAN. 31, 2009

Right to dissent lives on

I find Leonard Pitts Jr.’s viewpoint in Sunday’s column quite thin-skinned. For over eight years, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, most Democrats and the media worked endlessly trying to cause every President Bush policy, program and the man himself to fail.

True, as classlessly arrogant as President Obama stated, he won a majority of votes. However, contrary to his own belief, nearly half of America voted against him. There are many people who disagree with President Obama and his policies.

I don’t want my taxes to go up or the government to run my life and provide my every need. Therefore, I don’t want anyone who supports those views and socialistic programs to be successful in their goal. It is really that simple.

Our great Constitution was built on a foundation of strong debate and disagreement. To want us who disagree to simply bow our heads and submit is simply unconstitutional. Our Constitution provides all Americans the right to disagree and dissent, not just those on one side of an issue. And we will exercise our constitutional right.

So for those who can dish it out but can’t take it … time to cowboy up!

Doug Belcher


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