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Government will fail

I’m not Republican or Democrat. I am a free thinker. Mr. Scobby’s statement that Republicans only care about profits means as much to me as “Democrats are all flaming socialists.”

Many Democrats believe in God, own guns and run their own businesses, and there are Republicans who don’t own guns. This is America; it’s called diversity.

I believe that government has a proven record of failure when it comes to running things for us. Not Republicans or Democrats, just government. I don’t want government making life decisions for my family.

If the president, senators and representatives all subscribe to the same plan that they want to impose on us, I will be on board. But we all know that they won’t. They have a sense of entitlement. If people believe that these people are better than them, I feel sorry that you have such low self-esteem.

We have a problem; too many elected officials are corrupted. Yet nobody wants to clean house. You’re more concerned that you may get a sculpture park in Seattle than vote out your incumbent.

Government needs to stay out of the private sector and focus on the ideas that our country was built upon.

Ron Brazington

Deer Park


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