July 5, 2009 in Letters

Reform health care

The Spokesman-Review

Much has been written about American health care reform. Listed below are related issues that require serious study, amplification and solving.

First, one aspect that drives up health care costs is that many doctors pay about $200,000 per year for malpractice insurance.

Second, several members of Congress and/or their spouses hold lucrative positions with drug companies. Drug costs are substantial for those without a good health plan.

Third, tax reform is a must. American multinational corporations have $1.9 trillion in deposits in the Cayman Islands. No U.S. taxes are paid. The U.S. Treasury Department estimates that this nation loses at least $123 billion per year in taxes from this ploy. Closing this loophole could pay for the health care for over 20 million uninsured American citizens.

Fourth, the Robert Wood Foundation reported on May 21 that if federal reform efforts are not enacted soon, then within 10 years health care costs will double and 65 million Americans will be uninsured.

Write your congressional delegation to address these issues to help preserve high-quality health care.

Donald Orlich


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