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Sun., July 5, 2009

Sign Referendum 71

In honor of the 233rd anniversary of the founding of this great nation, every voter in Washington state should sign Referendum 71, which allows voters in November the opportunity to say if SB 5688 should become the law of the land. SB 5688 will eviscerate the definition of marriage as the Founding Fathers understood it and render terms such as husband and wife gender-neutral in the Revised Code of Washington (RCW).

Referendum 71 detractors have gone way beyond mudslinging and are using dangerously aggressive campaign tactics to intimidate and threaten voters into not signing it. They have been labeling their fellow Americans “the enemy” and placing signers’ personal information on the Internet. If the goon squads are successful, expect to see this tactic propagate and escalate in future campaigns, especially if our economy crashes.

This is a path we dare not follow. Countless Americans died so our generation need not live under such tyranny. We owe this to them for their sacrifice and to teach our children that harassing voters and exposing them to a potential Ted Kaczynski is wrong. The tactics of anti-Referendum 71 goons must be denounced and defeated by signing the referendum, for future voters’ sake.

M. W. Monroe


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