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Thu., July 9, 2009

Profit era over in health care

It’s past-due that for-profit care goes the way of the dodo. If not-for-profit, single-payer care – demonized by Republicans/closet-GOP Democrats – really is repugnant, where are street protests for health reform in Canada, Britain, France, Scandinavia, etc.? \

They’re nonexistent simply because single-payer puts patients first, discarding corporate profit-mongering on patients’ woes. Long-line/ treatment-delay horror tales excreted by profiteers’ shills are calculated to mislead/prey on fear.

Single-payer/public-option reform opposition by Sens. Baucus and Cantwell should be seen for what it really is: for-profit health insurance/Big Pharma corporate welfare.

For-profit coverage/pharmaceuticals don’t exist in other industrialized nations (except for voluntary insurance options), yet U.S.A. life expectancies, infant mortalities, medical bankruptcies, etc., lag behind those countries.

Should profiteering continue prevailing over single-payer, insured middle classers’ rewards will be scores of millions of end-of-life medical bankruptcies.

Nonprofit co-ops, while slightly better than for-profits, aren’t the answer. My co-op caused me hours of post-surgical agony last year, only to discover pain could’ve been prevented if standard coverage included routine nerve-blocking.

Yet they’re demanding huge deductible/co-pay increases. Co-ops don’t have consumer bargaining power/efficiencies single-payer systems have.

If Baucus, Cantwell and McMorris Rodgers continue acting as corporate donors’ minions, they must be replaced ASAP with non-closet-Republican Democrats.

Robert Ethington


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