July 11, 2009 in Letters

Corporate greed to blame

The Spokesman-Review

This is in response to comments made about congressional support of massive indebtedness.

The unemployment was caused by greedy corporations off-shoring manufacturing jobs to low-wage countries and bringing cheap products back to our country to sell at American prices.

The former administration started an unprovoked war with a country that never harmed us, spending $10 billion a month for over seven years.

This was never included in the budget. When some members of Congress tried to curtail spending they were called “unpatriotic” and didn’t support our troops.

If we cut off unemployment benefits to over 14 million people we would find out what a real crisis this country faces.

If it wasn’t for Republican trade policies those same people would be working and paying taxes and into Social Security instead of getting an unemployment check, or a so-called entitlement that they paid for in payroll taxes.

Recovery cannot happen until jobs return, allowing workers to pay their mortgages, buy products and once again “live the American dream.”

Shirley Miller


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