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Crocker owed an apology

As a person who believes that the invasion of Iraq was an unlawful and immoral act by this nation’s former administration, I wish to apologize to former Ambassador Ryan Crocker for the remarks made by Chuck Armsbury in the letters to the editor June 30.

Mr. Armsbury’s suggestion that an American citizen who has distinguished himself as a career diplomat was “murderous” and that he should be “brought to public justice” is an embarrassment to me and doubtlessly to most other local citizens who have opposed the Iraq war. If I were acquainted with Mr. Crocker or any of his friends and family, I would personally ask him to understand that Mr. Armsbury’s view is surely not shared by the reasonable members of this community.

I do not blame our career foreign service employees for the war, and I regret that there are those, no matter how few, who do.

Charlotte Thacker



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