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Liberty being eroded

Long ago, I realized that politicians and their henchmen know that it’s easy to get away with almost anything. Aware that citizens are too involved in their daily lives, a city can disintegrate into corruption and cronyism while hiding in plain sight.

For example, the Spokane Police Department and the mayor hired an ombudsman approved by and accountable to the Police Guild and internal affairs. That should create some fascinating police oversight. It’s the cat guarding the rat’s nest again.

The mayor crams her sustainability policy down our throats (oops, I mean Pelosi’s H.R. 353, Agenda 21), then lies about Otto Zehm causing his own death. Thanks, mommy, for taking away our liberties.

Question for Mayor Mary Verner and police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick: If SPD knew Otto had mental problems from previous encounters, why didn’t they know how he’d react? They couldn’t even find a video. Ombudsman, investigators, Internal Affairs. They’re all incompetent.

Keep a cop’s kids from destroying property and you get jail time. Kill someone and the first thing Kirkpatrick says is, “He’s innocent till proven guilty.”

What a concept. They should put that in the Constitution. But, hey, that instrument’s bleeding to death, too.

Wake up, people!

Bob DeMotte