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Sat., July 11, 2009

Local rights proposal illegal

Simply put, the so-called bill of rights Spokane City Charter change proposed by Envision Spokane is illegal. It violates the single-subject rule of City Charter Section 13. The Envision Spokane plan is “logrolling.” Logrolling is the political game of putting separate subjects together in a package to secure as many votes as possible on the package.

One need only ask this to understand Envision Spokane’s problem: Just what is the single subject of “affordable health care” and neighborhood “veto” of a property owner’s development plans? What is the single-subject connection between “affordable housing” and the provision of legal standing (right to sue) to inanimate objects?

But apart from this legal issue, just what is the purpose of Envision Spokane? It seems to be a form of River Park Square for the little guy. Great, who is going to pay for it, and why does one think government, especially local government, can be told to provide this “bill of benefits.” Just who are the taxpayers who are going to pay for such local largesse?

Stephen Eugster


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