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Sat., July 11, 2009

Society works for all

I want to express my sorrow for poor souls like G.E. Morton (Letters, July 4) who have not yet learned that it’s love that makes the world go ’round. Love of future generations gave us national parks. Love of freedom gave us a right-of-way across one another’s property and established public roads and bridges. Love of aviation created airports, and the love of education brought us literacy.

It’s the love of a wholesome society that keeps people like Morton from being murdered or robbed on the streets. Public funds pay for institutions that lock up those who would harm folks like Morton, who wrongly believe they can watch out for themselves. The love of community wellness spends public funds to contain communicable diseases.

Humans have divided up the Earth among themselves as though it’s a commodity for their personal disposal. Sadly, many don’t realize that the survival of their progeny depends on a wholesome balance of nature and that nature cannot thrive when humans divide all of its resources among themselves.

Could Morton succeed without access to trillions of dollars worth of publicly funded infrastructure? Why shouldn’t those who reap the most from public resources pay the most?

Mickey Thompson


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