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Letters to the Editor

Sun., July 12, 2009

Country’s on wrong path

We save little, we spend ourselves into debt; how do you “spend” yourself out of debt?

The government ignores bankruptcy laws re: investors’ positions, appoints CEOs and boards, dictates “green” machines and power that is supported by subsidies and tax breaks.

Past policies purposefully spent the USA into bankruptcy, printed money to devaluate the dollar and forced cuts in social programs.

All administrations have “dummied down” public schools to where few can do basic math, know little of science, listen only to “sound bites,” fail to graduate 30 percent from high school, have cell phone and iPod implants, are overweight and overcome by stupidity and are lost if 20 minutes from a shopping mall. All high school graduates should do two years of public service, decide on a life plan that contributes to our economy, get off drugs, tear up credit cards, respect the rights of others and learn to obey the law.

The Ten Commandments are not the “Ten Suggestions.”

The government exists only to preserve life and personal and property rights, execute judgment and punish wrongdoing.

W.C. Miller Jr.

Almira, Wash.

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