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Sun., July 12, 2009

Liberals and taxes: no surprise

So, do you think they knew? Do you think the rank and file liberal knew the Obama administration was going to impose new and exciting taxes? Is this a surprise to them?

I’d like to think that for the most part the rank and file liberal believed President Obama when he said he wouldn’t raise taxes on the middle class. But here come taxes on our medical benefits, energy taxes (that while not imposed on us directly will trickle down), national sales tax “in addition to” the existing income tax, not “instead of” as some conservatives wanted. They even want to tax us for company-provided cell phones.

Did the left believe these things weren’t coming? Because I can tell you, conservatives knew. I knew. I’d like to believe they didn’t know, but how smart do you have to be to know liberals are always going to raise taxes? I knew it.

In any event, some knew. I know some of those folks. People who knew better yet assured us otherwise in conversation. What do you call people who do that? Well – “liberals,” obviously. But there’s another word.

Randall Jones

Newman Lake

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