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Thu., July 16, 2009, midnight

Wooing just words so far

Barack Obama’s campaign for president and performance so far is comparable to what seems to be the course of most marriages. The “object of affection,” the public, is pursued with simple, smooth, sweet talk – “change,” “I can’t do it without you,” “yes we can,” “the audacity of hope” – without firm commitments, demonstrating that in politics as well as romance, emotions win over cool-headed logic.

A growing number of us who supported Obama are like the bride who suffers the disappointment of discovering her new mate fails to measure up to her expectations. Obama has turned management of the economy over to those who created the mess. He indicates a casual attitude toward justice. Secrecy continues in the Barack administration. His health plan leaves the insurance and drug industries in charge. He refuses to hold the Bush administration accountable for obvious war crimes.

Barack seems to be a good man who listens to the wrong people. He needs to be decisive and bold. Those of us who want him to succeed must tell him that.

Buell Hollister


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