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The Slice: We’ll call them 8-second abs

FRIDAY, JULY 17, 2009

Lacie Graf is getting married Saturday.

Naturally, the 22-year-old receptionist hopes to look her best.

“In December, I vowed to do ‘8 Minute Abs’ via YouTube three times a week up until July 18,” she said. “That lasted exactly four days.”

But the resilient bride-to-be came up with a Plan B. “I bought those giant stomach-holding-in or what I call power panties to wear under my dress.”

Many happy returns: A colleague came up with a fun gift for her husband, who was celebrating a milestone birthday. She arranged a tarot card reading.

Unfortunately, the very first one turned over was the so-called “death card.”

Happy birthday to youuuuu!

Nostalgia prompted by not-so-great summer songs: A reader who asked to remain anonymous mentioned “Chevy Van” from the ’70s.

OK, I’ll see that and raise you any Cowsills oldie you can remember.

Speaking of songs: If you are interested in the creative process, I recommend going to the “Fresh Air” past-shows archive at and tracking down the Terry Gross interview with The Doors’ Ray Manzarek about the evolution of “Light My Fire.” It’s a 10-minute master class on collaborative songwriting.

Like a fruited plain, only sweeter: Craig Numata and his wife were in the car with their 4-year-old son Sam.

One of the grown-ups made some reference to a deserted island. And young Sam volunteered that he would love to go there. His parents asked him why.

“He said because he loves all kinds of cakes, cookies and pies.”

Today’s Slice question: Would Tim Hortons restaurant franchises thrive here in the Inland Northwest?

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