Spokane park fountain down for repairs

MONDAY, JULY 27, 2009, 1:09 P.M.

A chemical control problem has prompted the city of Spokane to shut down the popular Rotary Fountain in Riverfront Park.

The fountain, a magnet for kids seeking relief from the summer heat, was turned off Sunday and remains off today, said Craig Butz, recreation and entertainment division manager with the city’s Parks and Recreation department. An electrician was called in to inspect a major failure in the chemical control system, he said.

The system that monitors and maintains the pH level of the water is putting too much chlorine in the water and making the fountain too dangerous for public use, Butz said.

The water normally is tested three times a day to ensure a proper chemical balance.

Butz said the city’s two new pools and 10 new splash pads “are really taking the load off that fountain. That’s the positive aspect.”

He didn’t know how long the fountain may be down.

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