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Thu., July 30, 2009, midnight

Goodman wrong on race

Amy Goodman’s op-ed, titled “Sadly, skin color still matters” (July 24), points out that skin color is still a huge issue in this country. What she failed to point out is that racism against whites is still racism and that racism against whites is becoming more and more prevalent in the United States.

Was Amy Goodman at the scene? Did she have a firsthand account of what took place? Did Goodman have the arrest report? Or was she just jumping on the bandwagon in order to look politically correct enough for progressive readers?

You see, Amy, any preconceived opinion about someone based on the color of their skin is racism, even if the person being judged is white. Gates Jr. had a preconceived notion about the arresting officer based on the color of his skin. People like you scream racism, but then you practice racism. I don’t understand in the least.

Did he think because he is a Harvard professor he could verbally assault an officer of the law? Is that where we are headed now: you can’t be racist against white people? I’m here to tell you racism is racism, folks.

You can’t get rid of racism against people of color by being racist toward whites. It’s time people like you, Amy Goodman, stop playing that card.

If you are truly interested in stopping racism, you need to stop promoting it.

Jeff J. Langford


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