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Gray wolf collared in Pend Oreille County

An adult male wolf was captured and outfitted with a satellite-tracking collar in northern Pend Oreille County Friday.

The collar will help state biologists monitor Washington’s second confirmed wolf pack, which has been named the “Diamond Pack.”

The 105-pound wolf is believed to be the pack’s alpha male. Two pups were also caught, outfitted with ear tags and released.

The wolves were caught in padded leg traps. State biologists had been monitoring the undisclosed area for several weeks, after motion-sensor cameras picked up the image of a lactating female.

Biologists don’t know large the pack is, said Kevin Robinette, a regional manager with the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife in Spokane. Four pups, already coyote-sized, were on a recent picture taken by the motion-sensor camera.

A trapper from Idaho Fish and Game helped with Friday’s capture.

Last year, Washington’s first breeding pair of wolves since the 1930s was confirmed in western Okanogan County.

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