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No tolerance for murder

A potential human being which is still on life support, attached to, part of and dependent upon its mother, does not equate to a living, breathing, responsible human being. An unfertilized egg can be described almost identically to an early-term fetus. It is very much alive. The question is legal. The law is clear. Legal rights begin at birth and end at death.

We are free to believe all sorts of things. I have a friend who claims to believe that we are all the products of the Flying Spaghetti Monster. But when we murder another on account that he does not practice our beliefs, we are no better than Osama bin Laden and his thugs whom we fear so much.

We have terrorists in our midst and they regard themselves as saviors of our morals. Strange, the other kind of terrorists say the same stuff.

This murder of the Kansas doctor is outrageously wrong! No one should tolerate it. No one should be proud of it.

Allan deLaubenfels

Spokane Valley