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Partisanship stalls nuke power

Your editorial titled “Dispose of the waste” (May 29) agonizes over the problem of nuclear waste as if there were no solution. You go on to say: “What’s clearly needed from this point forward is a process driven by science, not politics.” I agree, and the best way to take politics out of it is to quit voting into office Democrats.

Science has already demonstrated a safe way of disposing of spent nuclear fuel, and that is by reprocessing it. France, Japan and Russia all reprocess their spent nuclear fuel.

France stores all the unused remains after recycling – from 30 years of generating 75 percent of its electricity from nuclear energy – beneath the floor of a single room at La Hague.

Democratic opposition is the reason nuclear generating plants in America have not increased in number; the best example being the Shoreham Nuclear Power Plant that was completed at a cost of $6 billion was closed and dismantled by Democratic Gov. Mario Cuomo in 1989 without generating any commercial electric power.

So, let’s vote Republican and start reprocessing our spent nuclear fuel, and then build some more nuclear power plants.

Paul J. Henry


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