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Letters to the Editor

Thu., June 4, 2009

Program merited coverage

The Spokesman-Review has done its readers a disservice.

On May 27 at Spokane Community College we presented Achieving Health Care for All!, a public forum examining issues, visions and barricades to providing quality, affordable health care. Six panel experts shared their perspectives. Local chief staff persons for our three federal legislators attended and gave statements. There was no S-R coverage. Not a word of print.

Revealing discussions took place. Analysis of remedies for the critical problems of access, affordability and quality occurred. Audience members submitted pertinent, personal questions and received honest, informed responses. Where was The Spokesman-Review?

One-third of every health care dollar pours into industry profit, administrative redundancy, congressional campaign funding, marketing and lobbying.

Every other industrialized country in the world provides a national health insurance program for its citizens. American health care ranks 37th in the world. We pay more per capita than any other nation for this abysmal record. Here, health care is a commodity, ruled over by industry giants.

Where were you, Spokesman- Review? Not a political issue? Not a health care issue? Not a business issue? You were out of touch.

Rebecca Lamb

Spokane area coordinator,

Washington Public Campaigns

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