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Close call restored reality

There has been much hubbub among the road cycling community on the South Hill recently regarding “sharing the road.” The perception is some of the road cyclists have decided not to “share the road” with others.

Well, luckily the voice of common sense has risen among the ranks of the “roadies” to tongue lash, or maybe the right word is challenge, the perceived offenders and the South Hill cycling community to ride more responsibly. And for a while, I thought that peace might just break out between the roadies and motorized folks.

That was until my wife and I were almost run down by a car turning left on High Drive.

I swerved just in the nick of time. Reality has once again raised its ugly head and I’m left with the knowledge that just as there will be some jerks behind steering wheels, there will probably be some behind handlebars as well, and my best hope is that the majority of cyclists and motorists will share the road with respect for each other and take a little extra time and courtesy. I know that I will try harder and I hope that you will as well.

Frank Otto



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