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‘Murder’ widely condoned

As I complete my MAAD petition to Gov. Gregoire to stop repeat drunk driving offenders from “murdering” up to 4,000 innocent Americans every year, I can’t help but reflect on Mr. deLaubenfels’ letter to The S-R as well as the grotesque Scott Stantis cartoon labeling we who cherish life being portrayed as gleeful murderers (June 3).

All murder is “outrageously wrong,” including those committed on near-birth babies. Last year, 60,000 late-term abortions were performed in this “land of the free and home of the brave.” Who among us (especially we who have spent decades in the medical field) can believe there were 60,000 mothers whose health was endangered by delivering their babies?

Consider also the murders of terminally ill patients that Washington voters have made legal by law. We “tolerate murder” in our entertainment (check the most popular TV show ratings and scary movies), on our highways and in our nursing homes. Has anything changed since Cain murdered his brother Abel? Exodus 20:13 still commands: “You shall not murder.” That includes me, you, Dr. Tiller and his murderer.

Carl Smith