June 18, 2009 in Letters

Single-payer is the one way

The Spokesman-Review

Congress is looking for a cost-effective way to reform America’s health care system. In this country over 30 percent of our health care dollars go to the administrative costs associated with our nightmarishly complicated insurance policies. Single-payer is the only system that would eliminate that administrative waste. In fact, single-payer health insurance would save enough money to provide complete coverage for all Americans with no co-pays and zero deductibles.

Single-payer is obviously the right system, but the insurance industry has spent millions of dollars to convince you and Congress otherwise, and is sure to spend millions more this summer.

Our system is broken. We need to convince Congress to fix it, and fix it right. Please join the 65 percent of Americans who support a single-payer system. You can learn more about single-payer through Physicians for a National Health Program at www.PNHP.org. They have an amazing Web site.

Now is the time. Congress is in the pockets of the insurance companies. If we don’t demand change, they will get their way and the American people will get the shaft.

Clifford Mann


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