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In brief: Gorilla’s knife wasn’t a weapon

Fri., June 19, 2009

Calgary, Alberta – It may look like gorilla warfare, but officials say the knife-wielding primate photographed by visitors to the Calgary Zoo had no violent intent.

The photos show a gorilla, named Barika, clutching the blade and pointing it at another gorilla in her cage.

The knife was accidentally left behind by a keeper who entered the enclosure to prepare food, Cathy Gaviller, the zoo’s director of conservation, education and research, said Wednesday.

Within minutes of picking up the blade, Barika placed it on a chair and all of the gorillas were called out of the enclosure.

While gorillas will use crude tools in captivity, they have no concept of using weapons, Gaviller said.

Shooting suspect had child porn

Washington – Authorities discovered child pornography on a computer belonging to James W. von Brunn, the 88-year-old white supremacist accused of killing a security guard at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum last week, according to court documents filed by the FBI.

FBI agents said they recovered the computer during a search of the Annapolis, Md., apartment where von Brunn lived for the past two years. The discovery was disclosed in a search warrant affidavit filed in federal court Wednesday seeking to make a more thorough inspection of the desktop computer. Authorities did not disclose the type or extent of the child pornography they found on the computer.

Investigators also recovered from the apartment a .30-30 rifle, other computers, cell phones, a handwritten will and what appeared to be a painting of Hitler and Jesus, they wrote in court papers.

Lydia Guevara poses for PETA

New York – The granddaughter of Cuban revolutionary leader Ernesto “Che” Guevara is at the forefront of another revolution – for vegetarianism.

Lydia Guevara poses semi-nude in a PETA campaign that tells viewers to “join the vegetarian revolution,” said PETA spokesman Michael McGraw.

The print campaign is expected to debut in October in magazines and posters, McGraw said. It will be launched first in Argentina, where Che Guevara was born, and then internationally. PETA approached the 24-year-old in recent months after finding out she was a vegetarian, McGraw said.

In the ad, Lydia Guevara wears camouflage pants, a red beret, and bandoliers of baby carrots while standing with one fist on her hip and the other outstretched.


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