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Swimmers best yield to floaters

You “Caddyshack” aficionados will appreciate the recent Code Brown drill that occurred at the leisure pool in the Kroc Center (although a number of families present at the time did not). Joe Butler and Berry Picker MamaJD were on hand when Code Brown took effect. Seems MamaJD was preparing to swim at a birthday party when a, ah, Baby Ruth was spotted floating in the leisure pool. This was no false alert. A Bill Murray character did not calmly wade over and eat the evidence, a la “Caddyshack.” You see, Code Brown stands for poo in the pool. Several Code Browns have occurred at the Kroc. Which results in a cleaning exercise that takes a while. Which, on the last occasion, forced families with small fries to crowd into other swim areas. Which caused Joe Butler to wonder why the Spokane Valley YMCA is able to evac/clean/sanitize and reopen its aquatic areas under Code Brown conditions in 15-20 minutes. Which makes your Huckleberry Hound ponder how many Code Yellows go undetected.

Ee-yew, too

Decades ago, a song asked, “Does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight?” I’d guess that it does – not that I have firsthand experience. Unlike a grandchild of former Hauser councilwoman D.J. Nall. In her Hauser Thoughts blog, D.J. (aka Frum Helen Back) tells of taking three grandchildren to Carl’s Jr. Where she escorted her granddaughter to the women’s restroom and waited outside. Minutes later, she didn’t notice that the girl emerged from her stall chewing gum. But her brothers did. After she was grilled by her siblings, the girl led her grandma and brothers back to the stall where she found the gum. On top of a dirty container for sanitary napkins. Take it away, D.J.: “The boys almost puked.” D.J. made the girl spit out the gum, advising her that it was “as dirty as it could get.” To which the girl replied: “Well, let’s not worry about it NOW.” Good point.


Poet’s Corner: Should we be pleased/or we be sad/to have more czars/than Russia had?” – The Bard of Sherman Avenue (“Treasury Appoints Pay Czar”) … At Car d’Lane, your Huckleberry Hound got a stern look from Mrs. O when I wondered aloud (after ogling a row of vintage GTOs and other muscle cars): “I wonder how many children were conceived in the back seats of those?” … The answer is – yes. The pretty brunette behind the counter of Spokandy by CdA Albertsons told Huckleberries the small jewel protruding from her upper lip did, indeed, hurt to install … Rather than use “far right” or “extreme right” to identify the politics of monsters like Holocaust Museum shooter James Von Brunn – do we really have to use “alleged” here? – Jill Kuraitis/New West Boise has a more accurate term: “Hate terrorist.” Works for me … Huckleberries Online Poll: By 64 percent to 28 percent, my Merry Hucksters say that local news media should report even minor supremacist activity, like distributing racist literature in neighborhoods – to keep the spotlight on them. My late friend Bill Wassmuth would agree.

Parting shot

Berry Picker Eagle Eye wonders why the City Council doesn’t ban mutts from public events. At Car d’Lane, he saw a 2-year-old girl caught in a fight between two large dogs. Luckily, Eagle Eye reports, “the mother of the girl managed to put her cigarette down long enough to pull the toddler (away).” Later, he saw a twentysomething with “a cross between a pit bull and a dinosaur near the library.” Eagle Eye: “The dog proceeded to hunch over and deposit a pile the size of a football on the sidewalk. When the dog was finished, (the owner) proudly (left) the pile to be enjoyed by everyone.” Here’s hoping Clueless In CdA doesn’t take her mutt to the Kroc Center.