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Health care system ailing

Our health care system has been hijacked by the health insurance companies, which work hard to maximize profits at the expense of the insured. They pay millions to hundreds of lobbyists in our nation’s capital to bribe our elected officials into keeping the status quo.

The payers of the medical services that we all need spend billions of money on an inefficient system that has a multitude of varied payment systems. The end result is high health care costs for the masses.

Most every other industrialized country in the world has instituted a single-payer system that drastically reduces waste, fraud and kickbacks while maintaining the private status of the hospitals, doctors, nurses and clinics. President Barack Obama less than two years ago supported a single-payer system, but now that he is in office has changed his mind. Until our leaders have the guts to take on the insurance companies, our health care system will continue its disease-ridden path.

Ron Belisle