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Local fans remember the ‘King of Pop’

For all the follies and foibles of his later years, to his fans, Michael Jackson will always be the King of Pop. As news of his death circulated Thursday, we asked those fans to post comments and remembrances of the pop music icon. Here is a sampling of their responses.

JBelle, on Huckleberries Online: I’ll miss you, Michael. I taught at least three little kids to dance with your music, trained and ran marathons listening to you, and many, many nights worked very late into the early morning of the next day singing along to your hits. Rest in peace, my brother. I’ll still listen and sing and dance.

Angela Stepp Monson, on Facebook: I am sad that someone God gave so much talent to let it get out of his hands. If this is not an example of “the simple life is best” I don’t know what is.

Bent, on Huckleberries Online: I have always liked Michael Jackson — especially his early years, and of course, his “Thriller” years. I predict splitting up his fortune is going to get messy and we’ll have to endure that for months.

Frum Helen Black, on Huckleberries Online: I remember how I felt when Elvis died and I’m sorry for all of you younger folks who where young teens when Michael Jackson became so very popular. I know it hurts a lot.

Idawa, on Huckleberries Online: As a person, deeply flawed. As an artist, probably one of the most influential stars of his generation.

Toadman, on Huckleberries Online: Rest in peace, MJ. Thanks for the crazy ride. It was fun.

OTV, on Huckleberries Online: MJ was never convicted or found guilty of anything. Abused as a child, yes. He had many mental issues related to that, constantly trying to get back the childhood he never had. I’ve never been convinced he ever intentionally tried to harm anyone. I hope his talent and humanitarianism will shine much brighter than the media circus that his life became and I hope those who tried to extort his fortune from him become nothing but a mere footnote.