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The Slice: Time to catch up with old business

Thu., June 25, 2009

OK, where were we.

Oh, yeah. Questions and answers.

Apparently animals routinely fall into basement window wells. Readers told of rescuing puppies, kittens, skunks, a hamster, rabbits, a baby magpie, a gopher, a small raccoon and young squirrels. Sometimes employing a long board as an exit ramp does the trick.

In the matter of naming someone you would like to hug, several male respondents mentioned women who might be described as full-figured. Others named distant loved ones, children who think no one cares and American military personnel overseas.

Shelley Davis said that if she were stung by a radioactive wasp, the superpower she would hope to acquire would be the ability to make her neighbor’s dogs stop barking.

And Carol Nelson said she would pay to see me line dance.

A request: Bob Kirlin noted my guess that Bob and Jane might be most common name-pairing among local married couples. “I am a single Bob,” he wrote. “Can you introduce me to a nice Jane so we can live happily ever after?”

Sorry. The last single Jane I knew was my high school girlfriend.

Two-car storage bin: A reader complained that her cul de sac looks like a used car lot because people cram their garages full of miscellaneous stuff and wind up parking at least some of their vehicles on the street.

“What’s your opinion on this?” she wondered.

I’d like to get into that, but my new column length is so short I don’t have room.

From my colleague Mike Prager: “Look in the (Spokane DEX) phone book between the last names of Lozo and Lu if you want a quick chuckle.”

Today’s Slice question: Which of the Spokane area’s big annual events interests you the least?

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