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Sun., June 28, 2009, midnight

Disabled in danger

Isn’t it amazing that any person with a mental disability is the automatic antagonist? My son is autistic and 15. We will not allow him to go out without me or my husband for fear of police attacking my son.

With his autism, he flails his arms when upset, overstimulated or freaked out and he cannot speak. So, a police officer demands he put/drop his pop (a horrible weapon of course) and then he freaks out and flails his arms. Does that give the officer the right to tase, beat or hogtie him?

God forbid he tries to hug or give him knuckles. The officer would state that he was trying to hit him with his fist or trying to steal his gun.

What does someone’s medical concerns 19 years ago have to do with current behavioral concerns? Seven years ago my son couldn’t walk; does that have anything to do with his current medical condition?

Angela Lacaze

Otis Orchards

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