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Sun., June 28, 2009

Fire captain should depart

Let’s see if I get this right. Ronald Clinger’s son, Dan, is involved in a bar fight. Dan and another person fight one person and Dan stabs this person. Ronald is there and assists Dan in leaving the scene of the stabbing. Ronald tries to evade the police and crashes his car and is arrested on felony charges.

Now comes the city. The charges are reduced to misdemeanors and Ronald is placed on paid leave. Ronald is given three days in jail and spends less than 24 hours.

Doug Clark, where are you when we need you. You should be on this like a fly on a fresh meadow muffin. The city should be ashamed as should Mayor Verner and the City Council. You want someone like Ronald Clinger as a fire captain? I think Ronald Clinger should resign.

Nick Lorentz


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