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Sun., June 28, 2009

Rules keep changing

Question: Why is it OK for United States military and civilian agencies to kill, wound and torture Iraqis, Afghans and Pakistanis (and who knows who else?), but it’s not OK for the law enforcement agencies of the Islamic Republic of Iran to kill, wound and torture Iranians who are rioting in the streets of Iranian cities despite the government’s orders not to do so?

Why is this “moral outrage,” as expressed by many U.S. politicians against Iranian authority, not also directed at the criminal activity of our U.S. leaders who led us into an illegal war (Iraq) and established torture as a tool of U.S. intelligence policy?

I have an idea! Let’s load Dick Cheney on a C-130 at Andrews Air Force Base and fly him over to Tehran, along with his loud-mouthed conservative buddies (McCain and Graham spring to mind), and have them explain to the Iranian leaders the error of their ways, and the correct procedures to be used in practicing “enhanced interrogations.”

Dennis Schneider

Medical Lake

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