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Letters to the Editor

Sun., June 28, 2009, midnight

Scolding would enflame Iran

Charles Krauthammer’s June 13 column painting the president as cowardly on Iran is ridiculous. Meddling in other nations’ affairs is what got us in trouble in Iran years ago when we helped raise the shah to power. More recently, Bush’s intervention in Iraq has caused irreparable damage to our country.

Rhetoric from the U.S. president blasting Iran cannot assist dissident Iranians. It would only incite more harsh actions by their government and paint us as responsible.

One can only suspect that Krauthammer is acting for the Israeli government. Israel is afraid that Iran will obtain nuclear weapons to offset their own illegally obtained nuclear capability. Rather than solve their own problems, Israel and Krauthammer want the U.S. to do their dirty work and pay for it.

Philip Waring

Coeur d’Alene

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