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The Slice: Which Hank is truly king?

Sun., June 28, 2009

Here on King Henry VIII’s birthday, I’m wondering what Inland Northwest Hank has been married the most times.

Let’s move on.

Slice answer (big annual events that interest you the least): “Three-way tie,” wrote Gary W. Smith of Spokane Valley. “Bloomsday, Hoopfest, Pig Out.”

Just wondering: You know that TV commercial depicting a business meeting where that guy gets hurled out of a fourth-floor window after suggesting that discontinuing the practice of buying beer for every workplace gathering might be one way to reduce expenses?

Well, which is more ridiculous: The idea that he just gets up and walks away from that fall or the very notion of people drinking beer at an at-the-office business meeting?

Speaking of beer commercials, don’t you like that campaign featuring “The most interesting man in the world”?

A dozen of the things people around here think about while getting their teeth cleaned: 1. Selling a boat. 2. A compliment that came out wrong. 3. Taking the train across Canada. 4. An episode of “30 Rock.” 5. Was it in 1984 that the Detroit Tigers got off to a 35-5 start? 6. The B-47. 7. Would anyone tell me if there was a problem with my breath? 8. A novel called “Netherland.” 9. Family health issues. 10. The upcoming Blue State/Red State collision at the family reunion. 11. That woman in the waiting room – where have I seen her before? 12. A TV weather guy’s sunburn.

Warm-up questions: Who is the most flagrant credit-stealer you have encountered? When did you stop caring about pop culture? Where can you still find a rotary phone?

Today’s Slice question: Who do you blame for the lingering belief in some quarters that there is hardly any lifestyle diversity in Spokane?

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